Thursday, January 7, 2010

FT17 build part1 May 2007

I started building the FT17 in May 2007 after I got inspiration from Dave Mansons tank building videos on YouTube. It took a level of project dedication I hadnt given to anything since my hotrod days back after high school.

I started with various machine scraps and junk. The frame and tracks are from a 1950's Cletrac HG crawler. The engine is a salvaged Continental gasoline flathead inline 6 cylinder F227.

The axle and transmission assembly had to be rebuilt completely. I had help from my kids.

The framework for the steel armored body panels was a combination of angle iron and tubing welded and bolted together.

Notice the large cooling radiator for the engine. The turret ring was found ready made from scraps thrown out at my work.

As in the real tank I simulated riveted armor plating with the use of carrage bolts. The steel plates are cut from a scrapped out dumptrck dump bed. They are about 1/16 inch thick. I used a handheld electric cut off wheel to shape the plates

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